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Activities in Hungary

Fishing In Hungary

Lake Balaton Fishing in HungaryIn Hungary fishing is a very popular pastime with over 3% of the population participating. Hungary has warm clean waters which result in big catch's, with fish such as Carp, Cat fish, Bream and Pike. The Hungarians have a tendency to eat the fish they catch so you may receive some strange looks if you throw a fish back.

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Sailing on Lake Balaton in HungaryLake Balaton is a sailors paradise with a yacht harbour in nearly every village on the lake and new harbours under development. After swimming, sailing is one of the most popular water sports on Lake Balaton which is almost 50 miles in length.

Although the competitions and races mostly appeal to the skilled sailors, the expanse of water makes it ideal for pleasure sailing.

If sailing appeals to you then contact us as with the number of landing stages, we can find the best property by the perfect marina for you.

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Formula 1 - Hungarian Grand Prix

The Hungarian Grand Prix dates back to 1936 and it was held on June 21st at a track in Budapest. The track was in fact in a public park called Nepliget(People's Park).

Heikki Kovalainen at Hungaroring circuit in Budapest in 2008. As well as celebrating the first victory of his career Heikki Kovalainen became the 100th winner in Formula One history at the Hungarian Grand Prix.




Lewis Hamilton at Hungaroring circuit in Budapest in 2007. Lewis Hamilton scores his third victory of his debut Formula One season In the 2007 Hungarian Grand Prix.




Jenson Button at Hungaroring circuit in Budapest in 2006.August 6, 2006 at the Hungaroring circuit, Budapest. It was the 13th race of the 2006 Formula One season. Jenson Button won the race, the sole victory of his career to that date.




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Horse Riding

Horse Riding in HungaryHorses are a big part of the history of Hungary and a big part of the lives of the hungarian people, this shows in the high number of good riding facilities such as riding schools, stables and clubs. The Hungarian country side is perfect for horse riding, especially in places such as Lake Balaton which has numerous established riding yards that you can visit.

With many organised treks with trained horse experts Hungary is bound to appeal to a lot of people. We have a full list of over 150 equestrian centres and the ones which speak English.

We have a list of properties suitable for horse riding which are for sale.

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Bird Watching

Bird watching in HungaryWith vast amounts of unspoiled natural beauty, Hungary is a great place for seeing all kinds of birds, because it is the most western point for many eastern birds to breed and it is not uncommon to see over 200 different species in just a weeks holiday. Most common species are the Cormorant and different species of Heron as well as White Storks which can be seen nesting on the top of telegraph poles.

The best times to visit for wildlife is during Spring (March to May) and Autumn (August to October). Certain areas in the National Parks you need to visit with a licensed guide.

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Hungary is ideal for WalkingHungary is known for its extremely diverse natural heritage, including unspoiled marshland, steppes, bogs, river flats, pastures, forests and meadows, all populated by the fascinating flora and fauna typical of the region.

With 9 National Parks and an equal number of Nature Parks along with 11,000 km of marked tourist paths Hungary is ideal walking country.


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Cycling in the beautful landscapes of HungaryWith the small population of Hungary and relatively low car ownership rates, roads in even urban areas have very little traffic. along with the unspoiled beauty of the Hungarian country side with many bicycle tracks, cycling in Hungary is an absolute pleasure.

Bikes can be hired from outlets all over Hungary.


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Hungary offers Excellent healthcare and beauty treatments.Hungary has many thermal springs for you to relax in and many 4 and 5 star hotels specialising in health, beauty and relaxation treatments. The spa culture in Hungary dates back around 2000 years going back to the Roman era.

Hungary also built a reputation for its healthcare services and dental care which are only a fraction of the cost of the UK. With high standards and using the latest technology many people visit Hungary simply for the healthcare and relaxation.

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Golf Clubs

More than 13 Golf courses in Hungary.There are now 13 golf clubs or courses in Hungary and more planning to open in the future. Giving you a golf course within reach in 30 minutes where ever you are.

A new 18 hole course at Balatonudvari near Tihany opened in 2008, the driving range had already been open for some time. The Royal Balaton Golf & Yacht Club boasts some fantastic views over Lake Balaton.

The Imperial Balaton Golf course near Keszthely has a driving range open and the 18 hole course is under construction(2008).

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