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Philips are expanding operations in Hungary

The Philips plant at Szekesfehervar which is North East of Lake Balaton in Hungary is to expand it's operation to include production of the new 3D television sets. It will also be manufacturing LED light fittings at the plant in Tamasi. This was reported last week in the Vilaggazdasag a daily business publication by Philips manager in charge of the CEE region Benedikt Laux.
Mr Laux noted that the management of both production plants was satisfactory and they had done everything they could to keep the plants running and production in Hungary. These were his words "The outside observer does not see the battle some units must carry on to convince the parent company that it is worthwhile to keep capacity where it is,"

Electric shavers and vacuum cleaners are already made at the plant in Szekesfehervar as well as electronics for entertainment equipment. This plant is also destined to produce other household appliances. The plant in Tamasi though is under more pressure as it manufactures products also made in other parts of Europe.

More emergency airlift facilities for South Hungary
6th January 2009 by UKGLM

Health Minister, Tamás Székely, officially opened the air rescue base at Szentes, Csongrád county on Monday. Out of the Ft 100 million investment project, Ft 40 million was awarded by local authorities. It is fully expected that the new airlift facility will add to the already improving healthcare facilities in the South of Hungary.
The air base has been operating since December 28th albeit not for emergency airlifts, the helicopters will be able to fly injured or severely ill patients to the nearest hospital for emergency medical treatment. There are a total of 7 air bases being used at Szentes, Budapest, Sármellék, Miskolc, Debrecen, Pécs and Balatonfüred there are a further 2 to be opened at Szekszárd and Pápa. Ft 11 billion from EU funding will be spent on upgrading the ground-based and air rescue services said Székely. This means that 85% of Hungary is now reachable by rescue helicopters. Usually there will be 4 professionals on call at any time, a pilot, a doctor, a rescue officer and a technical expert.

Euro potentially a step closer to being adopted in Hungary
13th November 2008 by UKGLM

The adoption of the Euro in Hungary potentially moves a step closer as the MDF parliamentary group leader Karoly Herenyi speaks out and he asks that the 5 parliamentary parties form a consensus and enter into urgent negotiations with the European Union. This re-inforces what we have been saying in the press over the past year 'that it is now the best time to buy a property in Hungary'. Once the Euro is adpoted the price of land and property in Hungary will be set to increase closer to levels in Europe.

Spa water to soothe away the discomfort of eczema
9th September 2008 by Jenny Hope for the Daily Mail

"Thermal spring water could help treat eczema when applied directly to the skin, a study has found. Doctors have discovered that 'harmless' bacteria found in the water can relieve itching and improve the appearance of skin.

The finding proves scientific backing for the benefits of visiting thermal spas, popular with many eczema sufferers.Those with the condition, which also affects one in then children, have an overactive immune system which means their skin becomes inflamed.

Scientists in france and Germany investigated whether they could be helped by exposure to 'vitreocilla filiformis', a harmless bacteria found in the water of sulphurous thermal springs.
Although eczema patients taking the waters often report improvements, these are hard to access as they could also be due to changes in diet and reduced stress.

Fifty-one patients with mild or moderate atopic eczema were divided into two groups - one having the bacteria applied to the skin in a cream for a month, and the other treated with a similar cream containing no bacteria. The researchers found symptoms improved significantly in the bacteria group only, starting as early as two weeks after the start of the treatment. In contrast, no significant difference was found in the other group.

Itching was also reduced significantly in the bacteria group after two weeks, compared to no major improvement in the other group. At the start of the study, published in the patients had staphyloccus aureus on their skin, a bug commonly found in eczema patients which can cause skin infections. The levels dropped more significantly in the bacteria group. It is thought that the bacteria contains compounds that somehow regulate the immune system.

Porsche in Hungary
End of 2008

In 2008 Porsche Hungaria expects to sell around 35,000 cars as opposed to the figure in 2007 which was closer to 40,000. Managing Director of Porsche Hungaria, Janos Eppel, was answering probing questions at a press conference. He also projected that in 2009 they may only sell around 28,000 cars.

Porsche Hungaria has approximately 120 dealerships involved in selling or servicing Porsche cars in Hungary. Some of them also sell the main Volkswagen Audi Group (VAG) brands such as Audi, Skoda, Seat and VW.
The financial crisis has hit the Porsche dealerships hard in Hungary and is is expected that some of them may have to close(possibly up to 10 percent) with the related loss of jobs. It is reported that moves will be made to try to merge some of the dealerships to try to cut the overheads involved in a Porsche dealership

It is hoped that with financial and managerial assistance from the Porsche and VAG groups the damage that the financial crisis can be limited.

Hungarian dentists come to Stockport
4th September 2008

Lincolnshire based Hungarian Dental Travel will be touring the UK in a giant inflatable surgery, giving checkups to patients who are looking for more affordable treatment than available in the UK. The service will make its tour debut in Stockport and will be available from Friday to Saturday at Heaton Moor Club.

Chris Hall, managing director, came up with the idea to allow patients to see a Hungarian dentist before they traveled to Hungary. He said "Hungary has become the dental capital of the world, but treatment is still a great deal cheaper there than it is in the UK.", "The mobile surgery means patients can find out what the likely cost will be before they go to Hungary."

The service will be available from Friday the 5th September to Saturday the 6th September, at Heaton Moor Club between 9am and 5pm.