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Lake Balaton Property

Lake Balaton
Max. length 77km
Max. width 14km
Surface area 592km²
Average depth 3.2m
Max. depth 12.2m
Water volume 1.9km³
Shore length 236km

Lake Balaton is the largest lake in Hungary and even in central Europe, with a surface area of 592km² and a length of 77km. Lake Balaton is often known as the "Hungarian Sea" due to the fact that Hungary is landlocked. Most of the inflow of water comes from the Zala River and the canalised Sió is the only outflow.

Holiday homes in the Balaton area demand a premium because of the amount of beautiful views and activities available, camping is a favourite and many Balaton Lake campers decide to buy a property as a holiday home. Cycling is also a very popular pastime and there is now a cycle path all the way around the lake.

Lake Balaton offers a variety of activities such as fishing, swimming and sailing as well as other water sports as well as golf. Most of the beaches consist of either grass, rocks or the silty sand that makes up most of the bottom of the lake. Although many resorts do have artificial sandy beaches and all beaches have step access to the water. As well as the activities on the lake you will also find activities around Lake Balaton, such as beautiful walks, cycling and thermal spas in Hévíz and Zalakaros.

The peak season is usually from June to the end of August, with the average water temperature of 25°C which makes it possible for swimming and bathing. Although many Lake Balaton lovers claim it is worth visiting during winter when the surface of the lake freezes, allowing you to fish through ice holes, or when the ice is thick enough even for skating and sledging.

Lake Balaton's climate has made it ideal for growing grapes for making into wine, due to Mediterranean climate combined with the soil which contains volcanic rock. This has made the region famous for its production of wines since the Roman period, two thousand years ago.

Around Lake Balaton property investment has seen a recent rise due to the publicity the area has received. The development of the new airport at the northern end of the lake will certainly allow people looking for property around the lake to fly in, book a hotel and look for holiday homes a lot easier than driving from Budapest to Balaton although the new M7 motorway makes the journey acheivable in under an hour.

Restaurants Restaurants
Many restaurants right on Lake Balaton with fabulous views.
Golf Golf
A brand new Golf club right on the edge of Lake Balaton.
Lake Balaton ferry. Ferry
Ferries going across Lake Balaton every hour.
Lake Balaton sailing and water sports. Sailing
Lake Balaton is a sailors paradise with a yacht harbour in nearly every village.
Coke Club on Lake Balaton Coke Club
The famous Coke Club for night-life on Lake Balaton.
Lake Balaton has something for everyone from bars to water slides.
There are many parks on Lake Balaton where you can relax.
Walking around Lake Balaton. Walking
Lake Balaton has beautiful scenery that is ideal for walking.
Events at Lake Balaton. Events
There are various events that take place around Lake Balaton.
Lake Balaton Statue Sights
There are many parks freely available around Lake Balaton.