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Pécs - European Capital of Culture 2010

Because Pécs(pronounced paich) is a university city it has a unique character all it's own. Add the culture, the art, the architecture and you have a city that not only is bursting with youthful energy but also a city that is vibrant throughout the year.

Festivals are regularly held in Pécs and it has a busy street life throughout the week. The university is made of of over 35,000 students from across the globe who enjoy not only the festivals but also the historic sites and the buildings in the city which also host some of the events.

The early Roman burial chambers, the medieval buildings, the different sites of religious history, the streets paved with several thousand year-old stones all radiate a unique atmosphere. Nevertheless, there is no sensation of a vanished past, since taking a step beyond the old-fashioned exhibition halls, contemporary forms of art are continuously entering the public spaces of the city as well. The spirit of modern art penetrates into Pécs. New works of art and performances are constantly being created, inspired by the atmosphere of the city, whose unique nature lies right in the interaction between the city and art.