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A Property abroad isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when it's a rainy Sunday afternoon in July( typical English summer weather ) but when Neil and his wife Linda were out at Botany Bay, just off the M61 in Chorley, and they were simply having a browse, they stumbled across a display featuring low cost property abroad, it was for sale in the Lake Balaton area of Hungary. Amazed at the value for money properties on offer, Neil called the contact on the leaflet(Steve Davies) and arranged a meeting at Neil and Linda's home near Southport a few days later.

At the meeting Steve covered such matters as the legal & buying process of buying a property abroad, the climate, the inspection trips and looked in greater detail as to the properties on offer abroad.

The very next day Neil booked Ryanair flights to Hungary from Liverpool - departing 14th September and returning - 21st September.

During the intervening period Neil did further research on the country and in particular the Lake Balaton area - Steve loaned Neil several books on the subject which proved very helpful and showed the benefits of living abroad in a country as beautiful and with a very low cost of living.

On the 14th September Neil and Linda were met at Budapest airport by Ewald and taken to a restaurant on the shores of Lake Balaton before retiring to their B & B for the night. The next two days were spent on accompanied trips checking out prospective properties for sale - Neil & Linda spotted a property along with a piece of land with a ruin to the south of Lake Balaton (Babonmegyer and Mezökomarom) and decided to buy both. The legal process is underway with completion expected by the end Nov 08. Neil and Linda hadn't really considered that a Sunday afternoon out in Chorley might result in them buying a property abroad.

The simple truth is that for most people Hungary is a place which is still shrouded in mystery, being one of the former Eastern Bloc countries very little information has been available to the average person looking for a property abroad. But research on Google shows that keyphrases such as 'property in hungary' are now being searched thousands of times a month. Property for sale in Hungary compared to other European countries is relatively cheap and unlike most other European properties represents good investment property for those looking at investing in property abroad.