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Mail on Sunday - 10th January 2010

The Sunday Times - 16th August 2009

Hungary, region of Lake Balaton, Heviz thermal lake.
“a destination of such outstanding natural beauty”
“Balaton really is take-your-breath-away huge.

From our vantage point, you can just make out the eastern corners, but then it stretches far off to the northwest.”
“It’s surrounded by greenery and occasional dark, cool pines, and protected from the elements by a high wall of natural volcanic rock; the air is still and the crickets chirrup.”
“the water, a ridiculously inviting shade of faded turquoise, is warm and shallow. There are boats aplenty — but none of the motorised behemoths that blight so many fancy resorts.”
“barely hear another English accent for the duration of the weekend.”
“Balaton is great for those looking for an off-the-beaten-track adventure. There are plenty of bike trails if you want to explore the region fully, and prices are mercifully low”

The Mail on Sunday - 2nd November 2008

The Mail on sunday did a follow up article to the feature in October.

Mail on Sunday Follow up

The Mail on Sunday - 12th October 2008

We were recently featured in the The Mail on Sunday. They had an article about the benefits and investment potential of buying a property in Hungary. The article goes on to talk about the easy village lifestyle around the Lake Balaton area and the low cost of living now being enjoyed by many Brit's.

Mail on Sunday

Bolton Evening News - 25th February 2008

The article concentrated on how people are finding great places to buy in Hungary for outdoor life such as fishing, A local fisherman found a property close to a fishing lake that he renovated and now even rents it out to help cover his costs.