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Save Money In Hungary.

In an email article sent out by the Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis, the article showed whereabouts in the world your money goes furthest on normal shopping items which amongst other things included beer, water and meals.

Martin talked about the difference between going self catering and full board, clearly this will make a difference to what you shop for or don't shop for when you are abroad.

On this typical shopping basket Hungary came out cheapest.

In the UK the basket would have cost £72.14, if you are reading this in 2020 that's going to look really cheap, as a comparison a litre of unleaded petrol at the moment (2010) is around £1.14.

Here are the costs from around the world, cheapest first.

Hungary - £37.40
Bulgaria - £39.52
Thailand - £42.31
Spain - £45.26
Bali - £52.51
Kenya - £52.60
Malaysia - £57.71
Croatia - £63.46
Greece - £64.02
Egypt - £65.45
USA - £75.70
Turkey - £76.08

As you can see the cost of living in Hungary is a lot cheaper than most other places. I also suspect that this comparison was done with shops in or near to Budapest where the prices are comparatively higher than the rest of the country. Certainly out in the agricultural areas around Lake Balaton will be far less than near to the capital.

When considering buying a property abroad, one of the considerations has to be how much is it going to cost living in that country for possibly months at a time. Hungary consistently comes out as one of if not the cheapest destinations on offer for cost of living.