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...my time in your Country was very enjoyable and if ever I have the good fortune to return I would like to avail myself of your services.

I greatly appreciate the after sales service of GLM and you have looked after me well so far.
Regards, Nick.

Hi Steve
Thanks for your help, we had a brilliant trip, enjoyed it very much, Ewald,Norbett, Tibi & of course louie were all great. Please pass our appreciation on to them. we sorted things with the builders just wait for the quote now. also sorted bank account utilities etc.
Jula returned us to the airport on sunday morning no problem he did a sterling job. Once again thankyou so much it was greatly appreciated, looking forward to our next trip see you soon...
Alan & Val.

this is Karen Dohren, I recently bought a property along with my husband after an introductory visit in October, I didn’t think much of it at the time and we were only going for the cheap break to be honest.

When we arrived in Budapest we were made very welcome and were escorted to a lovely hotel on Lake Balaton. We were treated like lords and were pleasantly surprised by the hospitality. We were shown varying properties within our budget and found it all very tiring. But after a day of discovering Lake Balaton we realised there was a lot more to this place and gradually after much thought we knew if we let such an offer go we would only regret it in time.

No sooner had we put an offer in on what we considered an absolute bargain, a huge farm house in a beautiful village with an acre of land for only £14,000 was a gift to be honest, just over an hour from the airport and only just over 2 hours flying time to England, and the country itself is so under estimated we would be sorry if we let this chance be lost.

Excited we returned to England and the whole affair was made so simple, transfer of money, solicitors arranged for us and basically it was the easiest purchase I have ever made, easier than shopping in Tescos.
By February we now owned a house in Hungary, got the keys when we went over in March, and we are now looking forward to going as much as we can, we have just come back from a break in July and we are returning in September.

Flights and car hire are easy to do and very affordable. The after care is great setting up bank accounts, utilities etc and there is always someone to help as we have found out.

The country is fantastic, food cheap and lovely, the locals are very welcoming, the weather is great and things to do are never ending, we are having the time of our lives and if your thinking of doing the same in my opinion you will be so sorry if you don’t go for it!

Karen and Ian Dohren, 09-08-2009.

Dear Sir/Madam
I initially dealt with GLM Hungarian Properties in June 2005, following a recommendation from a close and long established business connection.
Over the last 12 months the company have provided guidance and expert advise on property investment in Hungary with specific emphasis on capital growth opportunities.
During this period I have acquired a range of property investments including land, residential, refurbishment projects and commercial property. They have always offered me a good selection of opportunities and never place any pressure to buy. They are not a typical estate agent or developer many of which try to force a sale. I have found this to be a problem with many of the larger agents and developers in Budapest.
It is for this reason that I choose GLM and the area of Lake Balaton, which I consider offers superior growth opportunities.
I will continue to utilise the services of GLM because of their expert knowledge of the local market. They are trustworthy and honest and I have no hesitation in recommending their services.
Indeed several close friends and work colleagues have already visited Hungary and purchased property at the Lake.

Ian A Crompton - MRICS Chartered Surveyor

Dear Steve,
I just wanted to drop you a line to say how pleased I have been with the way that GLM and in particular yourself have handled my purchase of the land at Lajoskamorom. I am particularly pleased with the fact that not once did I feel pressurised through any of the process even though it has only been a few months since I first met you and Bill at the Reebok Stadium in Bolton. It has been a real pleasure and now I own a part of a foreign land, who'd have thought it. It looks like it will probably be the best investment I have ever made now that the village has got the go ahead for the EU money. Let me know when you are next going out and we can have dinner on the lake again. I'll go on the forum and post up the dates I am over there. See you soon.

Yours sincerely, L Mason.

Hi Steve,
thanks for the email, however I won't be back in the UK until the 8th. The builder said that if I stayed to do the labouring he could have it finished within the 2 weeks so it makes sense to stay over and get the job finished. I wanted to get a tan and it gives me an excuse to stay over for a couple of weeks. Went swimming in the lake this morning, 10:30am and the lake was already warm. Thanks for sorting out the builder for me and watching the house while I was in the UK. Don't know any other estate agent that would do that, proper 'expat' community developing eh.

Regards, Paul Smith.

Dear Steve,
thank you for organising the inspection trip for us, the only fly in the ointment was a 20 minute delay coming back other than that the trip went well, Gerhard met us at the airport as planned and took us to book into the hotel then for a really nice meal at a local restaurant.
Over the weekend we did get to see most of the properties for sale that we discussed apart from one which unfortunately for us had just been sold and we have now put an offer in for the 2 bedroomed house near to Deg. Just waiting for the verdict. Hope we get it I can't believe what you get for the money, 2 acres and a house for less than £20K, and the outbuildings as well. Gerhard said he will know by Tuesday and then send me an email, he thinks that the offer will be accepted so fingers crossed.

Yours sincerely, Patricia(and Keith) Sweeney.