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Tips For Frequent Visitors To Hungary

Jet2 have a club called 'MyJet2', this can give you free flights for frequent flyers. Basically you earn a point for each pound you spend on a flight, earn 600 points and you get a free flight. Terms do apply but it seems to be a straight forward system.
MyJet2 - http://www.jet2.com/myjet2.aspx

The Hungarian currency is the Forint so you may find that you need to change some Sterling to the Forint, one of the ways to avoid changing too much into cash and hence paying charges is to get a cheap debit card such as the Nationwide debit card, getting currency out of the hole in the wall is free.
Post Office credit card – all overseas transactions are free – simply fill the forms out at the PO.
Here are some more tips.

There is a 24hr currency conversion booth next to the car hire desks ( Hertz, Europcar, Budget, Denzel and Sixt ) in the Budapest Terminal 1 lobby directly facing you as you enter the public area – the rates are not brilliant but tend to be a touch better than the UK and if desperate is a good place to change £30 or so to get you going without enduring all the hassle in the UK. At the end of each visit try and keep a small float of Hungarian money – say £50 worth so you are all set for your next trip.

Mobile Phones
It is a good idea to take a spare unlocked mobile phone and to buy a Hungarian Pay As You Go SIM card while you are over there. UK friends & relatives can contact you on a special number at a cheaper rate than normal - from the UK they need to call the special number and then your Hungarian mobile phone number.

These are just some of the ways to save money if you are a frequent visitor in Hungary.

When you buy a property through us you will receive a 24 page guide to being a frequent visitor to Hungary packed with useful information, contact details, how to save money, where to buy things, how to set up a foreign account and lots more useful information.