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INEXPENSIVE - Unbelievable value for money and major savings when compared with Euro zone destinations(or even the UK).
e.g. Meal for 2 inc drinks typically under £10 in total. Coffee £0.30, Bottle of wine £0.80,
Bottle of Beer £0.40, 1kg Cherries £0.50. Cost of living.

ACCESSIBLE - Low Cost Daily Flights typically < £100 return. Only 2 hrs 15 mins flight time. Over 100 flights every week from the UK. By car approx 900 miles from London. Visit the beautiful and historic cities of Budapest and Pecs ( European Capital of Culture 2010 ). Vienna 2 hrs away, Croatia 45 mins, Adriatic coast 2.5 hrs away and 4 major Austrian ski resorts only 2 hrs away. Venice 6 hours.

ENJOY - Beautiful scenery, thermal health spas and friendly local people. Excellent fishing, sailing, horse riding, cycling, bird watching, walking, swimming, golf and skiing facilities. Get more information about these activities in Hungary.

NATURAL BEAUTY - Largest lake in Central Europe with beach resorts on 125 mile shoreline. 40 times larger than Lake Windermere. 28 deg C water temperature – same as the Caribbean. Forests, vineyards & rolling green countryside.

CLIMATE - Long lazy summers with 40 % more sunshine than the UK. Average 28 deg C in summer, peaking into the 30s, 20 deg C in Spring and Autumn. Winters are cold but dry, average is 2 deg C.

SMALL TRANQUIL VILLAGES - with rustic properties typically sold with a small holding, fruit trees and outbuildings.

LAKE BALATON - largest freshwater lake in central Europe, forty times bigger than Lake Windermere. Average depth 3.2 metres which warms to a steady 28 deg C in the summer and on a par with the Caribbean. Family oriented lakeside parks provide safe bathing, water slides, promenades and cafes. More information about Lake Balaton.

FOOD and WINE - excellent quality and inexpensive much of which is produced locally.

QUALITY of LIFE - Hungary ranked higher than UK, Portugal, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania.

SOUND INVESTMENT - All properties sold with full legal entitlement - all freehold and owner's details listed in the Hungarian property register. Copies of agreements provided in English and Hungarian languages. Each property purchase a unique individual transaction with no 'land grab' issues often associated with multi unit developers. Council Tax typically 80 or less per annum. Average cost of property inc land 25,000 and still rising at approx 8% pa. UK nationals can buy as individuals, couples or groups - no need to establish a limited company. Investment returns far exceed yields from UK saving accounts. Mitigate potential UK inheritance tax liabilities by buying in children's names while retaining life long use of the property.

INFRA STRUCTURE - Motorways, high speed Internet, and shops eg.TESCO, Ikea, local supermarkets as well as the traditional local village shops that we used to love in the UK.

HEALTH - World famous Health Spas - 33 deg C water temperatures throughout the year. Hungary has almost 1300 thermal and medicinal waters which provide natural pain relief for arthritis and rheumatism, 300 of which have been tapped off and made into accessible and developed health spas. Hungarian dental treatment is world class and less than 70% of UK prices.

SAFE - In NATO and EU but not Euro currency. Low crime rate and friendly people. Clean and litter free streets, virtually no vandalism or 'Yob' culture. General respect for the community.

CENTRAL POSITION - beautiful and historic cities of Budapest, Pecs ( European capital of culture 2010 ) close by. By car Vienna is a 2 hr drive, Croatia 45 mins and 4 major Austrian ski resorts less than 2 hrs away.

ACCESSIBLE - Low Cost Daily Flights from all across the UK - over 100 flights a week operating throughout the year including Easyjet, Jet2.com, Ryanair, Wizzair and BA. Typical flight cost less than £100 return. Only 2 hrs 15 mins flight time. New Budapest West airport due to open during 2010.
By car approx 1000 miles from London.


EXPERIENCE - we concentrate our efforts and specialize only in the Lake Balaton area and have an excellent track record. 90% of our clients are British and references can be provided.

SUPPORT - Full pre sales advice and free after sales service - assistance with opening a bank account, building work, Satellite TV, insurance, money transfers etc.